Why is Spice Walk the right choice to diversify your real estate portfolio?


Spice Walk is the brand new commercial project launched in Techzone 4, Greater Noida West. The project is developed by Delhi-NCR’s most premium real estate developers Bhutani Group as part of their big scale commercial project Bhutani Grandthum. The builder profile is unparalleled when it comes to Bhutani Group in Delhi-NCR. Spice Walk will be the one stop destination for all sought of family outings and office lunches with reputed global brands bringing together a wide range of food from all over the world. In a highly rewarding payment plan of 50:25:25, every prudent investor can easily diversify their portfolio with Spice Walk. In this narrative, we will closely examine why every investor should consider Spice Walk as the best option for diversification.

The Market Trend

Food courts have evolved as a contiguous commercial development. They are conceptualised with food outlets having common sitting spaces. Under one roof, these food courts deliver a wide range of food delicacies for visitors. As the mall culture kept on emerging with a surge in demand, the food courts have witnessed growth alongside. Variety of foods are sourced under one roof and are served quickly for the shoppers, visitors and movie goers who are visiting the mall. Hence dining spaces have transformed as one of the best facets of commercial real estate. As the new launch phase, dining spaces tend to offer reasonable rates for investors. But by the time of possession, we can expect the prices to shoot up by 50 percent. Couple this with the high rental ROI’s you are about to yield overtime, then you can understand the prominence of investments in Spice Walk.

The Investment

Spice Walk dining spaces can easily qualify to become your first hand investment option as well as an investment to diversify the portfolio. You can go for a low cost investment bucket in terms of diversifying the portfolio or choose a higher investment bucket to make it your primary investment. Either way, Spice Walk becomes the best opportunity for investors with promising entry and exit strategies. Investments on food spaces tend to be considerably low, but the returns are exceptionally good as well compared to other commercial investments. Food industry is booming at a high pace and investors can easily mix the investment opportunity and the surge in demand to make sense of the possibilities of investments in Spice Walk.

Attract Tenants

A lot of start ups, entrepreneurs and small scale business persons are venturing into the food industry. As an investor, it is easier for you to attract tenants and lease out the property in Spice Walk. In a location like Delhi-NCR, even if you are leasing out 500 sq ft, you are likely to fetch approximately Rs 40,000 to Rs 80,000 from it. And the tenants won’t bother it as well because their profit margins in the food industry are higher than any other industries. There is a commercial viability in paying high rent and still making great profits with food courts.

Now in terms of commercial ecosystems like Bhutani Granthum, this profit range would be even higher than the normal range! Because Grandthum will be hosting hundreds of business operations including a lot of MNC’s. The workforces of these companies itself will be the potential customers of Spice Walk. Greater Noida West is also emerging as a residential market and Spice Walk will attract footfall from these urban audiences as well. This would motivate the tenants and make them decide to have their food business in Spice Walk. Even if you play a Shylock, these courageous tenants won’t mind it and confidently grab your spaces!

So why wait? New launch offers are out now for Spice Walk and Red Maple property consultants have exclusively listed the project with them! Get in touch with Red Maple to invest and win with Spice Walk, Greater Noida West!

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