DMRC plans to connect Greater Noida and Jewar Airport in less than 25 minutes

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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is evaluating possibilities to notch up the connectivity between Greater Noida and Jewar Airport. Metrolite, Metro Neo, and Metro Express are being planned with an intention to connect Jewar Airport (also known as Noida International Airport) with Knowledge Park II, and further to all other suburbs of Delhi-NCR.

DMRC had earlier in 2019 submitted their detailed project report on the connectivity between Greater Noida and Jewar Airport. The report was initially rejected on grounds of travel time. Instead of planning 25 metro stations along the lane, DMRC is now planning to conceive the project with six metro stations to bring down the travel time.

Metrolite is a light urban mass transport with limited ridership. The second option Metro Neo is an electric-powered rapid service with coaches and the third one Metro Express will be a traditional way of commutation focusing on high-speed travel. If implemented appropriately, then the travel time will be significantly lowered below half an hour, says a media report.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) spokesperson said that 32 km of the stretch will be elevated to prioritize quick connectivity between the two destinations. The Lite, Neo, and Express options by DMRC will be detailed and studied before finalizing the action plan. Metro connectivity is already existing till Knowledge Park 2. 

YEIDA has committed to providing multi-modal connectivity to the Jewar Airport. They have already prepared to develop a metro link in the Yamuna Expressway before the commercial operations will begin at the Jewar Airport. Presently it takes 45-50 minutes to travel between the two destinations. The metro will save significant time for the commuters.

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