3 Convincing Factors that Makes Real Estate Investments the Best Among All


The functionality and practicality of the world have changed with the Covid-19. Investments and diversifying portfolio has been viewed with a lot of speculations and calculations based on the changed living patterns. Everyone is cautiously approaching the various facets of investments but despite all the factors, the real estate sector becomes very much promising and optimistic when compared with other asset classes of investments in the Covid era. Red Maple, Delhi-NCR’s top real estate consultants will explain to you the advantages of real estate investments.

Safe and Secure

Real estate is one of the safest modes of investment. The asset class – the building and land, both generate great investment value and if done appropriately, we could rarely spot loss of value and appreciation for real estate investments. Even if it does replenish some value, it will be only for a short period of time. The odds will easily change in favour of you within a short period of time. Unlike the currencies like dollar, which dips its value during inflation, real estate is poised to perform better even in tuff times. Prudent investors can diversify in low-down markets by investing in value-added assets and over time reap great returns on investments.

Multiple Choices

The opportunities with real estate investments are multiple – we have commercial properties offering assured returns and lease rentals, we have residential properties offering ultra-luxury/affordable/low budget habitats in prime locations of the city and other numerous variants to offer a great range of possibilities in real estate. Apart from this, there are several ways in which these asset classes appreciate value as well. We have the natural appreciation process wherein the general real estate market inflates over time and the property increases the value. We have the choice to force the appreciation by investing more money like enforcing a new balcony or new windows. This will raise the settling prices or rental income as well.

Easy loans and fewer taxes

Unlike other investments, the government has significantly made the laws and regulations flexible for real estate and yeah, definitely for a reason. The socio-economic development of the public is largely dependent on the real estate sector. It is the one direct sector that will deliver basic infrastructure for the public. Hence we have property tax deductions, ease of home loans, lower interest rates, etc. Depending on the interest rates and time of purchase, investors can choose the length of the mortgage as well. All you have to possess is a reliable CIBIL score, a constant and financially affluent job, experiences, and qualified mentors or sponsors (in case). 

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