The Bank Street – Invest in the new face of banking sector in Noida


As a commercial real estate investor in Delhi-NCR, you might have been quite familiar with the category that comes under the asset class. The most popular subcategories of commercial real estate include office spaces, retail spaces, dining spaces, etc. Have you ever thought of investing in exclusive commercial spaces allocated for banks? The banking system is the whole way of operation in the global economy and it’s quite affirmative that banks churn out a good deal of Returns on Investment (ROI) in commercial real estate. Red maple – Delhi-NCR’s top property consultant has listed out one of the promising avenues for investing in ‘The Bank Street’ in Techzone 4, Greater Noida West. Let’s take a closer look at this brand new Bhutani venture and its more details.

Why invest in Bank Street?

The changing dynamics due to the pandemic wave has literally affected every sector of the economy. But the banking sector has remained immune to the impact of pandemic. The digital transformation and online banking facilities have managed the sector to withstand the impact. Just like every business needs to tap the user experience, the banks are also targeting to forge a physical venue where they can experience banking more personally. The Bhutani Bank Street is intending to source all the leading banks under one roof and deliver banking with more experience for the end-users.

The Bank Street

Bank Street breaks the traditional concept of banking spaces and forge a more interactive and friendly ambiance for banking with a personal touch. Rather than building standalone blocks, the project aims to develop a more interactive commercial space that feels more like walking into a retail space and unleashing your shopping spree. Aimed to keep the human interaction at the core, these banking spaces will be redefined with the help of technology to get the much-needed assurance for your financial decisions.

Project Highlights

Bank Street will be a new face of banking users will experience in Noida. The project will conceive open and sociable spaces where the employees and users can build and nurture a rapport themselves. The cafe spaces will blend perfectly with the dedicated banking spaces and establish harmony. A combination of new generation physical spaces combined with digital experience, The Bank Street will bring forth a concept of “Going Phygital” in its core. 

Location Highlights

Located within the Grandthum in Greater Noida West, Bank Street will be anchored to the center of all business activity, business, and leisure avenues in the city. Hence the banks that will occupy the project will be at the perfect vantage point to reap the advantages. Furthermore, Cyberthum will be hosting a massive pool of MNCs and evolving startups. These multi-sized business enterprises need perfect banking partners to assist their financial operations. Hence you can easily invest and win with Bank Street. Get in touch with Red Maple now and make your investment now!

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