Real Estate Horoscope – Is it the right time to invest?


Real estate investments are one of the high potential investments you engage in your career. It can deliver returns that are way more significant than the other asset classes. The stars have finally aligned to deliver you a bright future. Red Maple is closely examining the latest events and trends that are shaping the real estate sector of Delhi-NCR only for the best!

The Windfall

Yes. Believe us. Your patience has finally paid off. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has enacted a lot of favourable regulations that has made the real estate sector bounce back. The housing loan rates have significantly lowered to double the consumer demand. With more demand in the market, the developers are passionately approaching the sector, offering more choices and opportunities for investment. Attractive payment plans, assured returns with lease guarantee and many more schemes are implemented by real estate builders to lure the investors. The consumers are benefitting from the stiff competition happening between the builders. More quality luxury projects are shaping up, offering more amenities and specifications towards enhancing the urban lifestyle. The quotient of affordable projects has increased considerably to tackle the surging demand in the middle class segment.

The salaried section of the economy has consumed the major share of the real estate. The IT sector has adapted its operations with the work from home culture which has enabled more savings on the employee side due to lack of commutation and rental expenses. All these have led the sector to witness more consumer activity and befit an unexpected growth. A second wave of Covid 19 has resulted in a dip in the activity, but with mass rollout of vaccines has managed to curb the spread and enabled the sector to bounce back. The statistics shows positive trends – increased traction cushioned by massive fiscal stimulus, accomodative monetary policy by the apex bank, and the economic rebound happening around – everything has come together to align the stars positively for a bright future.

The consumers are largely informed these days and they understand that the fair price hike in the properties is inevitable. The market indices are high in terms of consumer engagement and with the government planning to roll out complete vaccination drives across the country, the sector will only increase its momentum. Imagination, farsightedness, innovation and digital transformation of the real estate sector along with the new trends coming up, we can anticipate this positive windfall to accelerate further. The new growth face of real estate is quite affirmative to be ending on the winning side for investors and end users.

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