Bhutani Infra to park Rs 5000 into commercial Real Estate of Delhi-NCR


Life is like a real estate investment – we discover our innate talents and groom our skills to keep us on a consistently growing phase and multiplying our assets. These talents are mostly inborn – but even with inborn talents, one cannot survive in this world if they fail to sharpen their skills and adapt to the changing environment. At Bhutani Infra real estate group, the motto lies in becoming the true leaders of the industry, aspiring from within, and creating the best practices that become the benchmark in the industry. The real estate juggernauts of Delhi-NCR has ropped in a plan to park a whopping Rs 5000 crore into their commercial projects over the next three years.

As per Moneycontrol reports, Bhutani Infra is about to wrap three commercial projects in supreme locations of Noida and Greater Noida in the immediate future. A total of 16 million sq ft of office and retail spaces will be rolled out across these projects. The group is planning to sell around 75 percent of the build-up area and lease the remaining 25 percent. The news has come in as a surprise for most of the real estate pundits as the decision has come out when the industry is fairing through the Covid-19 period. But as per Bhutani Group, there has been no impact for the Grade – A office spaces in Delhi-NCR and the demand for commercial projects has doubled when compared with Gurugram.

Bhutani Infra has recently become one of the promising real estate conglomerates in terms of returns of investment. Their plethora of real estate projects in Delhi-NCR is offering unmatched benefits for a prospective investor. Bhutani Infra is presently offering a scheme wherein buyers can get the annual return in advance after roping in the down payment. A greatly rewarding 50:25:25 can be availed for investors in their real estate projects in Noida. WIth sublime projects under its aegis, the group is expecting the churn out Rs 1000 crore revenue in the upcoming festive season.

Let’s take a glimpse of some of the landmark projects that are now available of investments in Delhi NCR.

  1. Bhutani Alphathum – A phenomenal commercial project offering 35 lakh sq ft of office spaces and a shopping mall spread across 7 lakh sq ft, besides 500 studio apartments.
  2. Bhutani Grandthum- A high street retail destination spread across 23 acres offering close to 6,00,000 sq ft of high street retail spaces.
  3. Bhutani Cyberthum – Spread across a sprawling 27 acres in Noida Sector 140A, Noida offering both retail and office space investment options.

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