Secrets Every Investor Should Know About Bhutani Grandthum


We all want to be part of that perfect investment, right? One that is highly lucrative in terms of generating profits and secure great Returns on Investment (ROI). But it is not as easy as it may seem in cards, because as investments they are always approached with more attention to detail. A truly well-diversified portfolio is every investor’s dream it goes beyond just investing in stocks or bonds.

In Delhi-NCR, Bhutani Real Estate Group has presented a golden opportunity to every prudent investor to diversify their portfolio with a commercial real estate offering that has unmatched potential and growth prospects. Let’s dig up some secrets on Bhutani Grandthum in Greater Noida West and how it transforms to become the best commercial real estate investments in Delhi-NCR.

Bhutani Grandthum – Project Highlights

Located in the emerging location of Techzone 4, Greater Noida West, Bhutani Grandthum is a perfect blend of first of its kinds modern-day retail and office spaces. The property is an embodiment of bringing the living and work culture together in an entity catering to every lifestyle needs under one roof. Grandthum weaves together the finest concoction of dining, shopping, entertainment to bring families, friends, colleagues, and people with similar interests to have an enjoyable time.

Unique features of Bhutani Grandthum

  • Amusement Park  – A complete retail destination with a thrilling and enjoyable experience at amusements park.
  • Shopping Arcade – Most modern shopping arcades hosting more than 100 outlets including food and beverages.
  • Innovative Work Spaces – Two high rise towers with 34 floors dedicated to a large and flexible work-life ecosystem.
  • Great Food – Dedicated space for various kinds of cafes and restaurants overlooking scenic yachts and waterbodies.
  • Hypermarket and Multiplex – A full-fledged hypermarket and massive multiplexes hosting over 100 people per auditorium.

Grandthum- The Best CRE Investment Opportunity

  • Bhutani Grandthum provides 12% Commitment charges on its investments to guarantee steady annual Returns on Investment (ROI). An offering like Grandthum will clock high occupancies supported by the affordable market of Greater Noida.
  • Bhutani Infra Group is one of the highly acclaimed and trusted real estate developers in Delhi-NCR. They have already launched several commercial ventures in Delhi-NCR like the Bhutani Alphathum and Grand I -Thum.
  • Bhutani Grandthum investments promise both cash flow and appreciation. You can set your priorities well versed with the Bhutani Grandthum – the best commercial real estate investment in Delhi-NCR.
  • The market indices of Greater Noida West – the supply and demand, population growth, employment, and overall infrastructure is highly motivating to park your investments in Bhutani Grandthum.
  • The property is designed in a way that every unit is lockable and investors have the freedom to choose their kitty size of investments suiting the investment plans based on the business size. 

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