2 Secret Benefits of Investing in Low Rise Apartment During Pandemic


The IITL-Nimbus Group has launched their brand new residential project Express Park View 2 – hosting an impressive collection of luxury low-rise apartments in the emerging affordable market of Greater Noida. The project will boast 2 BHK and 3 BHK low-rise apartments in distinct sizes. Buying a low-rise apartment unlocks great advantages for home buyers and investors during these pandemic struck days. Let’s discuss some of the factors that justify your decision to buy a low-rise apartment in Express Park View 2 now!

Low Rise Apartments and Covid 19

Express Park View 2 low-rise apartments are the best choice of apartments during the pandemic. Since low-rise apartments are mostly coming in the G+2 or G+4 floor category, the residents are getting a highly secluded private living opportunity with few residents in the community. Hence these apartments enable you to lead a socially distanced living among a coveted community. Low-rise apartments can limit the social exchange of residents significantly since the number of apartments is fewer compared to the high rise. This less congested private living will help the residents to check the spread of pandemics to a large extent.

Whereas, if you are buying a high-rise apartment, there would be G+13 or even more floors hosting a group of approx 40-50 apartments on each tower (these are tentative figures). This will be tense congested living that can act more fatal towards the spread of pandemics. Most of these families might not be even knowing each other but are passively exchanging a lot of common areas. The severity of a pandemic in such a living community can be more impactful than much safer low-rise apartments. These apartments also hold lesser risk during the time of emergencies with a much stronger escape mechanism in place. Medical facilities and doctors can easily get in and out of a low-rise apartment in quick succession making it more demanding during these times.

So if you are waiting to seize the market momentum and secure overtime appreciation, then Express Park View 2 low-rise apartments are the best choice. Get in touch with Red Maple – Delhi-NCR’s best real estate consultants to get more information regarding this IITL-Nimbus project. Talk to us now!

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