3 Top Reasons Behind Home Buyers Affection Towards Greater Noida


Location is the major factor that shapes your decision in real estate investments – be it buying a new home or investing in commercial properties to diversify the portfolio.  When it comes to the homes in Delhi-NCR, each differs in terms of the value based on location. In this narrative, Red Maple is analysing the key market indices that have made Greater Noida as one of the most favoured real estate destinations by the home buyers.


Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority has planned to develop Greater Noida as an industrial township with highly integrated planning on the lines of millennial city Chandigarh. The land parcels hosts a great number of companies to foster industrial excellence with both Indian and multinational presence. Quality educational institutions like the Gautam Buddha University will offer residents access to quality educational services at global standards. Enough importance is given to green spaces including parks and recreational activities. A few years down the lane, Greater Noida will boast serious planned infrastructure to become the most sustainably developed locations in Delhi-NCR.

Affordable Homes

Budget residential projects have been the other major attractions for Greater Noida real estate. Especially on the sidelines of COVID-19, the property prices have dipped further for end users to seize the opportunity. The arrival of corona vaccines has sprouted new hopes for home buying as well. In order to win the tight competition, real estate developers are offering state of art homes that possess a great range of amenities and a mix of both contemporary and modern architectures. The mid ticket size homes in Greater Noida comes at great value than any other locations in the segment. Builders are offering attractive payment plans and banks are making it all square with low interest rates as well.

Unsold inventory

Several real estate projects had come to an unprecedented pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The market has finally revived and the availability of excess supply of unsold inventory and launch of new projects has brightened the real estate prospects for Greater Noida. A lot of attractive home buying deals have recently come to the limelight. The prices of inventories are expected to crash upto 5-10 percent and market pundits are predicting that there won’t be any price appreciation  in the upcoming years. The real estate market is slowly and steadily bouncing back and the equations are all even and square for home buyers to invest in Greater Noida.

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