Realty Booster: Jewars’s Upcoming 500 Acres Business Hub


Delhi-NCR’s Jewar Airport has been recently adding a lot of demand for the real estate sector. Hailing under its aegis, Noida’s commercial real estate sector is all set to become like the glittering city Gurgaon. In the latest to boost the pace, the authorities have finalized a 500 acres development of a business hub in Noida Sector 29 along the Yamuna Expressway. This high magnitude development will bring more demand to the real estate of Jewar and its adjoining areas in 2020.

The development will include a 200-acre textile hub including handicrafts park and expo mart. The apparel park will have the capacity to develop 300 retails shops. The builders are expecting to attract investments worth Rs 3000 Crore for the project. Jewar and its vicinity will soon become the center of attraction for sale and export of furniture, apparel, garments, fashion goods, etc. Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has already initiated the proceedings and has started the consultations.

Meanwhile, the other 300 acres of land parcels in the project will be parted to develop a mall complex, which will be completely dedicated to hosting several micro, small, and medium scale industries across the Yamuna Expressway. The mall will be a noble cause to address the woes of the middle-class business community of Delhi-NCR. The mall will display and sell the products manufactured by these small and medium scale businesses. In addition to that, the Center will also develop a 2.4-acre skill development center within the city.

Why invest in the real estate of Jewar?

The 500-acre business hub in Jewar predicts a strong windfall for the real estate segment of the area. Jewar will witness the next real estate boom town and relatively wealthy, most speed and connectivity-needy segments of the population will be soon flooding in to seize the opportunity.

The proposed business hub will facilitate interchanges of people, products, and ideas, which will create more opportunities to engage business, knowledge, and the even world beyond. The business hub is not just the movement of products, supply chains, and logistics, but increasingly, it will facilitate the movement of people.

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