Navratri 2021 – The Auspicious Time for Home Buying is Back


If you are waiting for the right time to buy your dream home, then the best occasion has arrived – the Navratri. The divine occasion carries itself many legit reasons for purchasing your dream home. Home is one of the biggest decisions in your life. Given the importance of decision making in life, it’s quite imperative that we put each step right, especially in terms of home buying. In property buying, there are two important  aspects to consider – one is the location and the other the time of purchasal. With the onset of Navratri, it is the most favorable time for home buying. In this narrative, let’s examine how and why Navratri is significant for real estate investments.

Astrological Faiths

In a spiritual perspective and the inferences from the Hindu accreditations, property buying should be done at an auspicious moment. Many of us believe in fixing a time of purchase also known as ‘Shubh Muhurta’ to receive the keys or sign the paperworks. The day before Navratri, the Pitru Paksha marks its end. The next day marks the beginning of Navratri, which is considered more auspicious than any other day for real estate investments. A lot of Hindu accreditations have got various mentions of ‘Shubh Muhurtas based on the birth chart of an individual. The ‘Dasham Dwaar’ or Ten Gates of ten directions to divinity are open during Navratri due to all the pervasive prayers and religious environment. As a result, any new initiative or venture will prove to be highly beneficial in this period.

Market Perspective

While people rejoice in festivities of Navratri, the builders and money lenders add more reasons to celebrate. In order to seize the expected demand surge in home buying, they are likely to add more festive offers and announce low EMI or interest rates for home loans. In any festive season, the real estate sector will be largely aligned to become a buyers market. While developers slash the property prices, announce affordable payment plans, assured returns, assured gifts, complementary prices, gold coins, home appliances discounts and other rewards, the banks might put forward reductions in home loan rates, excludes administrative or processing charges, attractive loan schemes, coupled with low EMIs, higher ticket sizes and longer tenures. You can even consider negotiations as developers or banks never want to leave behind a potential customer during this shopping frenzy. 
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