Why should you invest in Bhutani Bolt?


Real estate sector has evolved pretty much over the years. In the 21st century, it has scaled to touch new heights than what we have ever imagined. Gone are the days where an investor is getting just residential and commercial projects for investments. Today these slices have evolved and they have much more to offer investors. A decade back, we couldn’t even imagine investing in entertainment spaces. With the high influx of urbanisation, the entertainment sector has become one of the busiest sectors of real estate investment. In this narrative, Redmaple property consultants are briefing about their latest listing available right now – an entertainment destination that is poised to be India’s biggest of its kinds and its prospects of investments.

Bhutani Bolt

Bhutani Bolt is India’s biggest entertainment zone located in Sector 140A, Noida. Developed inside commercial marvel Bhutani Cyberthum, it is destined to become the one stop destiny for the urban diaspora to experience world class avenues of fun, adventure and entertainment all in one go. This venture will be presenting a newly engaging and a fresh concept of entertainment experience for the people. This is a high potential investment opportunity for every investor looking to tap the promising real estate market of Delhi-NCR. Here are some of the reasons that will motivate you to invest in Bolt.

The Urban Population Explosion

Urbanisation is expanding in Delhi-NCR. We have been witnessing the surge in residential properties and more nuclear families migrating towards the city in terms of career opportunities. These inflowing people are looking for spending quality time in malls and entertainment zones. But right now, their expectations have grown with the entertainment zones. They are adept in terms of technological advancements like the game changing virtual reality. Presently there is a shortage of such highly engaging gaming avenues in Delhi-NCR.

Bhutani Bolt is coming up to be the answer to it. It has thrilling games, passionate gaming, and immersive experience to offer for kids and grown ups. Those parents who are looking for edutainment purposes can finally rejoice with the arrival of Bolt. The innovative designed gaming concepts inside Bolt will make sure that kids play and learn together. A wide range of concept based games and indoor sports facilities will burst your kids with energy and excitement.

Here are some of the features of Bhutani Bolt

  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Snooker
  • Arcade Games
  • VR Park
  • Flight Simulator
  • Mazes and Adventure
  • Indoor Trampoline
  • Zero Gravity Room
  • Roller Coaster Rides

High Density Population

Bhutani Bolt will drive an unbeatable footfall of 1.25 Lakh people in the vicinity. What’s more interesting is that the majority of this population is the youngsters of Gen Z category kids. Around 1.5 Lakh students are hosted in the nearby reputed universities and colleges. They will rely on Bhutani Bolt to spend their leisure and entertainment purposes. In a business perspective, Bolt is located in the heart of Noida’s IT sector to unlock better appreciation potential. It will be exceptionally connected with all other parts of Delhi-NCR – thanks to the Noida Expressway, International Airport and other Central Business Districts (CBDs).

So why wait? Talk to RedMaple property consultants now and get your investment afloat in Bhutani Bolt!

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